Batting Cages

We have 4 indoor batting cages. The pitch speed varies depending on which cage you choose.  Pitch speeds are posted on the door to each cage. Once inside, you’ll find a token box – tokens work in all the cages.  A switch on the token box lets you select “baseball” or “softball.”

Fenway Park

Great for beginners and little league players, this cage throws baseball pitches at 40mph.  Softball in this cage is slow pitch, 25mph.  Less of the high-arc, also great for beginners.

Dodger Stadium

This cage features 45mph baseball, and also fast pitch softball at 65mph.

Wrigley Field

This cage has a 55mph baseball pitching machine, and a 25mph slow pitch, high-arc softball pitching machine.

Ebbetts Field

Can you handle the fast ball?  Find out in this cage – 70mph baseball.  And, 55mph fast pitch softball.